Rising Phoenix GameCon

Very Important Info for Badges, GMs and Game Selection

Greetings Attendees!

First, an Important note:

TTE has added the ability to use your TTE “Handle” when you sign up for Conventions and set it as the default. Normally this is fine, as an attendee there is no issue with what name you use on your account or your badge, the email is what the system keeps track of behind the scenes.

The problem comes into play when you are a GM or running events such as panels. With this new system there is no way for the convention to know who you are and when your games are listed on TTE they will have your “Handle” and not your name on them, making it very difficult for your players to find you. We all know that GMs develop followings in the con circuit.

There is an easy solution however; if you go to your account page on TTE, click on Preferences and Settings, and change the default to show “Real name” your players will be able to find you and we will be able to accurately track your hours given to the convention and compensate you accordingly (and keep track of your Level).

Second, a reminder that game selection will begin soon!

Early Access Ticket Selection for Seat Reservations will begin March 4, 2024, at 7 pm.

General Access Ticket Selection for Seat Reservations will begin on March 11, 2024 at 7 pm.

Ticket selection and Badge Sales will remain open until April 6, 2024 and reopen at the Convention if we have space left.

We highly suggest you purchase your badges soon, as we predict we will possibly sell out of badges this year.

All attendees, whether Game Master, Volunteer, or Player will need to purchase their badge from TTE and register to attend. After the convention is over, you will be able to apply the time you spent running games or helping out to offset the cost of your registration or purchase cool swag and other great perks. If the convention staff has issued you a complimentary badge, you can not get a refund or accrue GPs in exchange for your time.

Rising Phoenix reimburses our Game Masters and Volunteers at a rate of $5.00 or 1 Golden Phoenix (GP) for every 2 hours of their time. You have 2 options on how to apply your credit.

A direct refund after the con to your account, will be processed after the Convention.

You can go to our Treasure Room, The Hoard, located next to the Vendor Booth, and collect Golden Phoenix Swag Cards to trade your time spent GMing or Volunteering for awesome items in the Hoard!

We have amassed quite a pile of Board Games, RPG Accessories, Books, and other cool swag. You can trade your GPs for items during the Con. The Treasure Room will be open the hours of the Vendor Hall, except Sunday when we will stay open until 5 pm.

We will be handing out GP’s during the Convention as well, during games, and at other times. Maybe there will even be some contests of gaming knowledge and skill where you can amass your GPs to spend.

Sorry for the long post, but very important news. See you at the Con!