Rising Phoenix GameCon

Artists & Vendors 2023 Rising Phoenix GameCon

We have a great selection of vendors for our 2023 RPGameCon. We are expanding the Vendors’ Row area, to bring in more game-themed merchants and services for you to enjoy and geek out over. 

Be sure to click the links and check out their products and plan your purchases for 2023. 

At this time we have filled all the vendors’ space for 2023. 

Vendors & Artists Coming In 2023

Vendors & Artists 2023

Art by Ogmios

Class: Artist

I grew up with a love for Myth, Monsters, Super Heroes, D&D, and Sci-Fi. I’ve always dreamed of being an artist from a very young age inspired by greats like Frank Frazetta, Jeff Easley, HR Giger, Jim Lee and Arthur Adams. It is a passion that has never dwindled. I work hard to follow my muse and I hope it shows in my art.

Boldly Go!

Class: Game Maker


In Geoffquest’s science-fiction role-playing game, you and your friends are officers in Space Fleet, the military and exploration force of the Stellar Alliance. You will design and take command of your own starship, filled to the brim with advanced technology and crewed by NPC shipmates that you create. You will travel the stars, meeting new species, solving ancient mysteries, and experiencing all the horrors and wonders the galaxy has to offer!

Boston Gaymers

Class: Organization

Boston Gaymers is a social group for LGBTQIA+ gamers in the Greater Boston area to help find and make new friends in a safe and welcoming environment.

We have a thriving gaymer community, most active on our Discord server. We also hold various in-person and virtual events each month to bring together our members and have fun!

Chet Minton

Class: Artist

Long Hare Studios, LLC

 My name is Chet Minton and I am a Story-Maker and Graphic Illustrator focused mainly on Fantasy, Sc-Fi, and Graphic Novel Styled Work. My core audience and markets have been related to Tabletop Roleplaying Games, Book Covers and Adult Coloring Products. I have recently been breaking into writing and illustrating my own graphic comic stories. Some of my past clients have included casl Entertainment, RPG Crate, Art Of The Genre’s Folio Series, Dark Wizard Games, Bad Omen Productions (Gary Con), and Total Confusion (Total Con)

Crafty Dork Designs

Class: Maker

Crafty Dork Designs is all about understanding that life is a continuous process of change. We like to appreciate the past while we look to the future.  With that in mind, all of our designs contain at least 75% upcycled materials, including all repurposed denim. 

Our goal is to create high quality one-of-a-kind products while giving materials a second life and reducing textile waste.

Eden Park Tales

Class: Game Maker/Author/Artist

Home of Autumn Grey and other Fantastic Tales

Eden Park Tales is a small, independent publisher of fantasy and science fiction media. Founded in 2013 by Jay Mooers and Kristi McDowell, Eden Park Tales is the home of Illweed, Autumn Grey, Scales and Sand, Gang of Two, Conart, and Dragons. Eden Park Tales offers a variety of tales in different mediums, from comics to novels to artwork for any level of enjoyment.

Fae is a tabletop Role Playing Game where shrouded in secrecy, monsters lurk in the world of humans. And this time, you play the monster.  You create your own customizable creature and then are set forth into the world of humans to do what you will. You can go on adventures, torment others, enforce Fae law on vile monsters, and do pretty much anything your imagination can come up with.

The Fabric Treasury

Class: Maker

Hand-made dice bags, game accessories, and more.

The Game Reserve

Class: Merchant

Your Local Game Store reimagined.

Board games, Table Top Games, Collectible Card Games, Snacks, Friends and so much more. No matter what you play we got you covered if we don’t have it just ask and we will do our best to order it for you.

Golden Goblin Press

Class: Publisher

Golden Goblin Press is a Chaosium licensee, dedicated to producing quality scenarios and articles for Call of Cthulhu. It will honor Howard’s legacy, but will not go overboard with it, nor ignore the contributions of other authors. Many of us here at Golden Goblin Press are also fans of the work of Ramsey Campbell, with his visions of dark, horror-infused sensuality and the twisted erotic side of the mythos. Golden Goblin Press will present scenarios with that adult sensibility.

Junk King Gaming

Class: Maker

Gaming Accessories are created using 3d printing and other crafting skills.

Medieval Starship Games and Hobbies, Inc.

Class: Merchant

“Where Imagination Takes Flight”

A full-line gaming store, where our finest product is quality service! Come give us a try for all your social gaming needs!

Mission To Planet Hexx

Class: Game Maker

Move Rate 20 Games

A light to mid-range game in which Players build a unique map of space/planets and race against opponents to complete their missions. It’s the perfect gateway game for your new gamer friends or as an “in between” game, for when you need a break from longer, more hardcore sessions.
With elements of take that and the literal discovery of your shared universe one planet at a time, the game simulates your adventure as a newly minted space cadet.

Muse's Touch Mini Painting

Class: Maker

Carol Pandolph

Join Carol Pandolph of Muse’s Touch Mini Painting for expert tips on painting. Pick a miniature, sit and relax and paint. Take the miniature home with you. Minis and supplies provided by Rising Phoenix Game Con. The Paint n’ Take runs from 10 am to 7 pm on Saturday and 10 am to 4 pm on Sunday just through Tradestown in the Ballroom. Sit for a half hour or the whole time if you wish!

New England Horror Writers Association

Class: Organization

An organization focusing on authors of horror and dark fiction in the New England area.

NEHW is a 400+ member organization made up of horror writers (as well as illustrators, editors, and publishers) who live in the New England area.

NE Ware Games

Class: Maker

NE Ware Games is a local game company focused on making board game accessories and promoting LGBTQ+ inclusion in the gaming community.  We will be selling our product, the Doggy D20, a rubber fetch toy for dogs shaped like a D20 as well as a selection of dice.  We will also be raffling off our Game Night Table Toppers during the convention with free entry.  We always bring pronoun ribbons to hand out as well for anyone who would like them.


Normal Human Dice

Class: Maker

Normal Human is a handmade dice brand that 100% proceeds goes to a community gaming center to help foster a love of gaming

Phoenix Swords

Class: Performer

Phoenix Swords is an organization created and maintained for the purpose of performing acts of entertainment and historical recreation. We are a performance group that specializes in Renaissance and Medieval entertainments that was founded September 1, 2002 and almost 300 performances to our credit.

Pursued By A Bear Sewing

Class: Maker

Pursued By A Bear Sewing designs and sews a variety of items. These creations include bags, totes, purses, and pouches; key fobs, hair ties, headbands, scrunchies, and other small gifts; dog bandanas, bowties, and neckties; and catnip toys.

Sherwood Games

Class: Game Maker

Sherwood Games has produced 5 indie board games since 2012. We focus on creative board games that make players think creatively every time they play. Since 2018 we have switched our focus to designing games and have 2 games ready for publishers. 

Snow Foot Dice

Class: Maker

Handmade polyhedral dice and dice necklaces.

Sydney Ashcroft

Class: Author/Maker

During the day she works full time in the information technology field and writes by night. Tea, chocolate, and folk music fuel her through the day and writing sessions. When she’s not writing or working, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and dogs, going to see live music, and plotting shenanigans with her co-author.

Ursula & Olive

Class: Maker

U&O is a handmade geeky goodness kind of business. We love taking items found in the wild and giving them new life.

Wicked Weird Artist

Class: Maker/Artist

Noel Proulx

Custom art creations for the weird and odd in all of us. Sculptures, paintings, utility art.