Rising Phoenix GameCon

Artists & Vendors at 2023 Rising Phoenix GameCon

We had a great selection of vendors for our inaugural con in 2022, and many want to come back in 2023. We have plans to expand the Vendors’ Row, to bring in more game-themed merchants and services for you to enjoy and geek out over. 

Below is a listing of the merchants, artists, and game demos we had from our 2022 Program. Be sure to Google these folks and check out their products and plan your purchases for 2023. 🙂

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Vendors & Artists Coming In 2023

Vendors & Artists from 2022

Art by Ogmios

I grew up with a love for Myth, Monsters, Super Heroes, D&D, and Sci-Fi. I’ve always dreamed of being an artist from a very young age inspired by greats like Frank Frazetta, Jeff Easley, HR Giger, Jim Lee and Arthur Adams. It is a passion that has never dwindled. I work hard to follow my muse and I hope it shows in my art.

Joey Docil - JADart

Former Marine (you can see it in his Sci-fi stuff), husband and father of two spawn. Illustrator and dabbler in the Martial Arts. Been playing D&D and Traveller since 1981.

The Fabric Treasury

Hand-made dice bags, game accessories, and more.

The Game Reserve

Your Local Game Store reimagined.

Board games, Table Top Games, Collectible Card Games, Snacks, Friends and so much more. No matter what you play we got you covered if we don’t have it just ask and we will do our best to order it for you.

Golden Goblin Press

Golden Goblin Press is a Chaosium licensee, dedicated to producing quality scenarios and articles for Call of Cthulhu. It will honor Howard’s legacy, but will not go overboard with it, nor ignore the contributions of other authors. Many of us here at Golden Goblin Press are also fans of the work of Ramsey Campbell, with his visions of dark, horror-infused sensuality and the twisted erotic side of the mythos. Golden Goblin Press will present scenarios with that adult sensibility.

Junk King Gaming

Gaming Accessories are created using 3d printing and other crafting skills.

Kurrently Kreepy

Artwork by Christina and Grace Courtemanche

Medieval Starship Games and Hobbies, Inc.

“Where Imagination Takes Flight”

A full-line gaming store, where our finest product is quality service! Come give us a try for all your social gaming needs!

New England Horror Writers Association

An organization focusing on authors of horror and dark fiction in the New England area.

NEHW is a 400+ member organization made up of horror writers (as well as illustrators, editors, and publishers) who live in the New England area.

Pursued By A Bear Sewing

Pursued By A Bear Sewing designs and sews a variety of items. These creations include bags, totes, purses, and pouches; key fobs, hair ties, headbands, scrunchies, and other small gifts; dog bandanas, bowties, and neckties; and catnip toys.

Snow Foot Dice

Handmade polyhedral dice and dice necklaces.

Ursula & Olive

U&O is a handmade geeky goodness kind of business. We love taking items found in the wild and giving them new life.

The Wind’s Nocturne

Enamel Pins for Gamers