Rising Phoenix GameCon

The Legend of the Golden Phoenix & The Treasure Hoard

We’ve collected loot from the four corners of the known world for our attendees to trade their Golden Phoenixes for! We’ve got RPG books, we’ve got Card Games, we’ve got Board Games, we’ve got Gaming Gear, we’ve got a huge new lot of Frog God Games! We’ve even got a library of novels and kids’ books to pick from!

How do I get some of this incredible pile of gaming gear? Well, as a Game Master or Volunteer, you accrue 1 GP for every 2 hours of time you give to the Con. You can go to the Hoard and trade your time accrued for GPs which you can exchange for amazing gaming treasures! Items range from 1GP up to 20GP and you can accrue your Phoenixes year to year for these special items!

In addition, you can get them by giveaways by Staff, game awards as players, general good deeds to your companion attendees (we’re watching), contests of gaming skill and knowledge, and for great role-playing or playmanship!

We have a huge influx of new cool swag this year, so make sure everyone stops by the Hoard Room in Tradestown next to the Rising Phoenix Merch Booth to see the awesome items you can trade your GPs for!!

And, also in the Hoard room, we have a very special Auction this year that you are going to want to be part of with so many cool old-school items in it, so watch for the upcoming Auction notification and listing coming soon in April!

Amass your GPs and bring them to the Hoard to bring home the loot!!


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