Rising Phoenix GameCon

Rising Phoenix GameCon is pleased to announce as our guest for 2024

Steve Kenson of Ad Infinitum Adventures and Green Ronin Publishing!


If you are not familiar with Steve’s work, he is most well-known for the Mutants & Masterminds Superhero RPG and True20 Adventure Roleplaying, both based on the d20 rules. Along with M&M he designed and published the Icons Superpowered Roleplaying game.

As a freelancer, Steve has contributed to Aberrant, Champions, DC Universe, the Marvel Super-Heroes Adventure Game, Shadowrun, Silver Age Sentinels, along with his own RPG creations.

Along with RPGs he has written nine tie-in novels: seven for the original Shadowrun series, one for Crimson Skies, and one for MechWarrior.

He also runs Copper Cauldron Publishing, an imprint for Neopagan and New Age books, and publishes his personal RPG projects under his Ad Infinitum Adventures imprint, As you can see, he is very busy!

As an activist for social causes, Steve Kenson helped found Nashua Outright, a social/support group for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and questioning youth and their allies in Nashua, NH. He worked with the group as a volunteer facilitator for thirteen years.


We are actively working with Steve on the sessions of The Expanse, Icons Superpowered and a preview of his new Kickstarter Valiant Adventures! Along with chats and panels about game design/publishing, we could not be more thrilled to welcome Steve to our 2024 convention!


Steve’s Social Media Links:



[email protected]


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