Rising Phoenix GameCon


Registration for RPGameCon 2024 will be open this Fall.

Rising Phoenix GameCon has chosen to use TableTop Events for our Event Submissions and Registration. This is a tried and true system specifically designed for gaming conventions and we’ve found it to be fairly user-friendly for our attendees. Anyone attending Rising Phoenix GameCon will need to create a Table Top Events Account. Please visit https://tabletop.events/ Go to LOGIN at the top of the page and it will direct you to a login or create an account page. Our 2024 Convention will be listed in TTE this Fall (2023).

Pricing For Badges 2024


On November 25, 2022 we will open Game Registration allowing Game Masters to begin to input their games for the upcoming convention and Badge Purchasing for All patrons, including Game Masters, to purchase Badges which will allow them to attend. Also, patrons can purchase badges for other attendees (just in time for the Holiday Season!)

Badges will be on sale November 25, 2022 @noon through April 7, 2023 @noon after which time badge sales will close and reopen at the Convention at door prices. Please be sure to thoroughly read our Covid-19 Policy, our Code of Conduct, and Waiver before you decide to run games or purchase a badge.

Important!  Badges include access to all events (except specially priced events which will incur additional charges) and all convention areas including the Vendor rooms, RPG Halls, Organized RPG Play Rooms, Board Game Tourneys and Events, Open Gaming Area with Library, Miniatures Area, Panels and Seminars room, Games for Youth and Younger Children and Events available for all to experience.

Attendee ticket selections through TTE for seat reservations in specific games will open on 3-13-2023 @7pm thru 4-7-2023 along with full event listings.

There will be a limited number of Early Access Badges for sale. Early Access badges will allow the purchaser the ability to make ticket selections one week before tickets become available to all attendees. Early access badges are only for weekend badges and at an additional cost of $25 per badge. Early access ticket selection for seat reservations will open on 3-06-2023 @7pm thru 4-7-2023.

All Badges will be available for pick-up onsite at the registration desk.  Table Top Events online accepts all major credit cards. Badge fees are passed on to the attendee and are in addition to Badge costs. PayPal is not used at this time.

Below is a table of rates for Pre-Reg and at the Door:

Youth Badges are for young players 8-15 years old. Youth badges must be purchased by an accompanying adult. We will have an assortment of board games and RPGs for the up and coming gamers in our community!

Small children (under 8) will be admitted free of charge when accompanied by an adult. We will have a small selection of events specifically for these young Lords and Ladies to participate in. Special Badges will be issued for these Special Attendees.


For Game Masters: All slots in our schedule are now full. If you submit an event or game at this point you will be put on a waiting list in case of cancellations. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Convention Staff at [email protected]

As a sort of FAQ here is the GM Orientation zoom call we had last year.

Volunteer and Game Master Reimbursement Program

Rising Phoenix GameCon (RPGCon) values its Volunteers and Game Masters first and foremost. Without these stalwart heroes the Convention could not exist. Hence, we have developed a program for Reimbursement for time spent both lending a hand and running games at RPGCon.

All Volunteers and Game Masters are required to purchase their Registration Badge. After the Convention is over, Volunteers and GMs can request reimbursements to be issued for time spent helping the convention, whether that be as a Volunteer or Game Master. All Guests and Vendors of the Convention are not eligible for the Program.

Volunteer and Game Master Reimbursement Program

Immediate Perks: Gaining Golden Phoenixes

As a Game Master or Volunteer we will provide you with the following immediate perks in the form of treasure which we call “Golden Phoenixes (GP)”

  1. For every two hour block that you run a game or volunteer we will provide you with a Golden Phoenix. Each GP can be redeemed in two ways:

    1. you can get a $5.00 reimbursement against your badge after the convention (reimbursements will be made within thirty days, up to the value of the badge you purchased), or,

    2. you can use it to pick some of the awesome swag we have available at the convention. Items will range from low value (2-4 Golden Phoenixes) to high value (20 Golden Phoenixes).

  2. You will have an opportunity to be able to meet with and mingle with extraordinary GMs and industry guests.

  3. Your Charisma score will go up by 2 and you will be better at gaming.

  4. Rogues might want to waylay you in a dark alley and take your Golden Phoenixes, best to redeem them fast!!

Long Term Perks: Game Master Level Pins

We have created a fun program by which Game Masters of any type of game or event can Level Up with us! GMs receive Level Pins as they begin their climb to fame, last year everyone who ran a game received a GM Level 1 Pin and those that ran more than 16 hours of games will receive their GM Level 2 Pin this year. As time goes on, special perks will be awarded to GMs who have reached level caps. Every hour you run a game, sit on a panel, teach a boardgame earns you 100 XP towards your GM Level. As in gaming, higher levels are more difficult to reach. Every level will entitle you to new benefits and perks. Below is the XP for the first 5 levels. We will be adding a page on the website with everyone’s XP totals so you will know where you stand from year to year. We had several GMs make 2nd Level by the end of our first year and they will be getting special swag with their badges this year!