Rising Phoenix GameCon


Image by MakPhoto

Those that joined us last year know that our Convention is a halfway between a Gaming Con and a Renn Faire, so with that in mind…

Saturday the 22nd will be Renaissance Garb Day complete with costume contests and prizes!

All are welcome to dress in garb for the day, but the contests are for our Attendees! Our Vendors will vote for the best costume, so we urge everyone to visit each vendor during the day so they can record your badge number and vote on your costume! A great opportunity for you to meet all our amazing vendors, maybe you’ll find that perfect swag for your Hoard!

During the supper break (5-7) our retainers will compile the votes and we will announce the tally in the Main Ballroom at 6:45 pm.

Results will also be posted on the Town Board located in the Registration Area!