Rising Phoenix GameCon

Allen Hammack joining us for RPGameCon!

Rising Phoenix GameCon is exceptionally proud to announce that Allen Hammack will be joining us in 2023!

Most famous for his module “The Ghost Tower of Inverness”, Allen Hammack was an editor and game designer in the early days of Dungeons and Dragons at TSR and in addition to being a wealth of information about the beginnings of gaming as we know it, he is one of the friendliest gentlemen you will meet. Feel free to say Hi, bring your modules for him to autograph and ask him about the early days!

Allen will be running The Ghost Tower of Inverness and he will also be running the sequel, Return to Ghost Tower of Inverness written by his friend and notable Elisa Teague. In addition, you can sit with Allen in his Critical Chat as he discusses how to modify CRs on the fly to make your games more exciting!

All of this is only possible by the support of The Crew of Ye Olde School Tavern who are sponsoring bringing Allen to Rising Phoenix GameCon! We are truly lucky to have friends who support our idea of an inclusive and exciting event for all!


The following are some of Allen’s notable works:

  • TSR, The Ghost Tower
    of Inverness
    , 1979
  • TSR, “A” series
    Scourge of the Slavelords modules
    , 1986
  • TSR, A3 Assault on
    the Aerie of the Slavelords
    , 1981
  • Mayfair Games, Fantastic
    with Boris Vallejo, 1985
  • Mayfair Games,
    Fantastic Treasures 2
    , 1985
  • TSR, I9 Day of Al’ Akbar,
  • BH4 Burned Bush Wells,
    Boot Hill, 1986
  • Numerous Articles in
    Dragon Magazine and RPGA Newsletters