Rising Phoenix GameCon

Panels, Speakers & Discussion Groups

Come for the games, stay for the panels

We are proud to present to you a wide range of panels and discussion opportunities about a variety of gaming topics. In 2022, we had panels about upping your game master skills, world construction, and diversity in gaming. As we prepare for our next con, we are putting together another great lineup of panels, and we are excited to share them with you, which we will do as we get closer to the con. So come back often and see how things are shaping up.

We Would Like To Thank Our Panelists from 2022

Master Class: Forming and Sustaining a Campaign

One of the biggest challenges when running a home campaign or building a background world to use in con games is the initial conceptual framework and then sustaining that over time with the detail, cohesiveness, and consistency needed to make it seem real to your players. In this master class Iron GM and Dark Phoenix GM Alex Jackl will walk through the steps that are critical for success, and then engage the class in in an open discussion.

Presenter: Alex Jackl

Panel: Challenges and Advice on Writing Con Games

This panel will explored how writing convention games is different than writing home games or campaigns. Explore the challenges, pacing, and structures for writing successful con games. Audience questions will be welcome and discussed.

Panelists: Colleen Nachtrieb and Alex Jackl

Panel: Trends and the Influences of Women in Gaming

This panel will be an open conversation on a variety of topics relating to Women in Gaming. These topics could include: Harassment and sexism in gaming, breaking the glass ceiling in the gaming industry, positives and negatives of being a woman in the Industry, changes that make gaming more inclusive, the changing dynamic of gaming due to women and questions from the audience for discussion.

Panelists: Kathy Clarkson, Jennifer Shinefeld, Colleen Nachtrieb, Natasha Troop and Trisha Wooldridge with Elizabeth Murphy moderating.

Panel: The Importance of Art and Writing in Gaming

One of the most important things about writing in games is to not be tied to the outcome. Putting together a good game is not about you the GM/writer, it’s about giving the players the chance to feel like heroes (or villains) of their own story. The point is to have fun…sometimes GMs are so tied to how awesome their writing/world-building/intended plot is for the game, they forget that. We will discuss tips to keep the game about the players.

Panelists: Ogmios, Ian Eller and Trisha Wooldridge with Alex Jackl moderating.