Board of Director Bio: Petra Jackl

Hello gamers old and new!

My name is Petra Jackl and I have been playing role playing games since I was 16 years old and still love it in all its variations. I love tabletop as my favorite form but also LARPs, murder mysteries and pretty much any form of storytelling games with a more recent foray into miniatures.

I run many private gaming events with my husband and we are co-owners of our own gaming business called Dark Phoenix Events where we do event planning for gamers.

Gaming has been a huge part of my life as my siblings game as well as most of my children, nieces and nephews. I love roleplaying and one of my favorite systems to run is Fiasco which is a hysterical storytelling game run almost entirely by the players, if you like role playing check it out!

Petra Jackl.jpeg

The gaming community has always been so warm, supportive and accepting and helped shape who I am today. The support for our new venture by other conventions and fellow gamers has been amazing and I thank you all!

I have helped build worlds, create new systems and helping to start a Convention seemed like the next perfect step so here we are! We have learned a lot about how conventions run... the good and the bad and we are hoping to take those experiences and put on one of the best conventions you have ever attended.

If you see me or have any question please feel free to ask me I would love to chat!!

Hope to see you soon at Rising Phoenix GameCon!