Rising Phoenix GameCon

Critical Chats

Casual Conversations Over Coffee

The concept of the “Coffee Chat” is a relaxed face-to-face meeting over coffee. In the professional world has become a very popular way to network and gain info. We are introducing the idea into our game con, where you can sit around a table to discuss, ask, and recommend aspects of games and the gaming industry with other who have experience on the topic.

It's in the Cards - A brief history of Divination in Gaming. -Trisha Wooldridge

The art of divination, be it with cards, dousing, mirrors, or crystals, has been considered dangerous, evil, associated with inaccurate understandings of “witchcraft,” and even devil worship–much like D&D and gaming, particularly in the 70s and 80s. To hide from persecution, divination tools have been marketed as “games” for centuries. Let’s explore the history of divination as “a game” and how that history plays out today over coffee and snacks

Creating Empathy through Lived Experiences. -Jules Rodriquez

A critical chat about understanding intersectionality and empathy; Learning to craft authentic LGBTQ+ BIPOC characters in your games and respecting your BIPOC players. Join Boston Gaymers’ Jules Rodriquez for a frank, personal, and in-depth conversation over light snacks and coffee.

Is that Guy Sleeping? Dealing with the Bored Player. -Alex Jackl

A discussion of how to handle that bored or disengaged player- how to rope them back in, or let them be, and how to keep them from impacting the other players at the table.

Back on Track- How to Fix a Derailed Scenario. -Oscar Rios

Oscar Rios, writer of over 100 scenarios, talks about how to rein your game back in when things go awry. A personal conversation over coffee and a snack.

Scaring your players. How to create horror at the table. -Sean Murphy

As a veteran GM of countless horror games, Sean Murphy gives pointers on how to make your players walk away saying, “dang, that was creepy”. A personal discussion over coffee and light snacks.

Adventure Design for Public Consumption. -Edwin Nagy

So, you’ve been writing and running games for years for your home group. A discussion about how to change that for public distribution via writing games for publication. Edwin Nagy, co-Owner of Frog God Games gives you the pros and cons over coffee and light snacks.

Non-combat gaming, its more than Rock, Paper, Scissors. -Peter Bryant

Non-Combat Gaming – Developing rules for all things non-combat to give complexity and adventure elements to characters not focused on combat. Like medical, sleuthing, socializing, crafting, etc.

Q&A with Steve Kenson

Steve Kenson, over 30 years of Game Design, Publishing, Writing Books, Modules and Articles. A up close and personal conversation with Steve about his life and gaming over light snacks and coffee.

GM Wrangling: How to plan large group events. -Scott Legault

For ten years, Scott Legault has been planning large scale private gaming events for anywhere between 12 to 72 screaming attendees. If you’re crazy enough and want to plan the ultimate gamers event for all your friends, he’s got the hints and do’s and don’ts to help you take the leap. A up close conversation over coffee and light snacks.

Narrative Gaming with Errick Nunnally

Tabletop role-playing games have exploded in popularity over the last decade. They’ve also multiplied and morphed into various categories—one of them is a narrative-driven method. What the heck is that and why do you love them? Come by for a chat with Errick about this freewheeling, rules-light style of tabletop gaming, where it has been, and where it might be going over light snacks and coffee.