Rising Phoenix Game Con
There is a new convention in town! Coming in 2020!


Passion. Experience. Focused On Fun.

Who We Are

We started with small groups, offering one day gaming experiences that have led us to two yearly events with over three dozen attendees that are all about just that. Have fun.  Our commitment, as Dark Phoenix Events, has always been to offering people an unparalleled gaming experience. Those events grew and grew in popularity over the years, the next step would only naturally a convention. This is that convention, Rising Phoenix Game Con, or “RPGCon” for short.

Our vision for Rising Phoenix Game Con is to offer con-goers a welcoming event with vetted, experienced game masters and storytellers. We hope to grow a community where gamers of all stripes can build friendships, introduce their families to tabletop gaming, and explore strange, fantastical worlds in a safe environment. 


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